Petroleum products

Datasheets of finished petroleum products with their characteristics and their specifications.

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91# Motor Gasoline Unleaded

Properties SpécificationTest methods
Octane number (RON)min 91ASTM D2699
Lead content, g/Lmax0.013ASTM D3237
10% evaporated, °Cmax70ASTM D86
50% evaporated, °Cmax120
90% evaporated, °Cmax 190
FBP, °C max 205
Residue, %volmin 2.0
Reid vapor pressure, kPa
1st Nov.-31st Mar.max 80 ASTM D5191
min 45
1st Apr.-31st Oct.max67
min 40
Existent gum, mg/100mLmax5.0ASTM D381
Induction periodmin240ASTM D525
Sulfur content, %massmax0.15ASTM D5453
Sulfur in mercaptan content, % massmax0.001 ASTM D3227
or doctor test negativeIP30 or ASTM D4952
Copper strip corrosion ratingmax1ASTM D130
Densité (15°C), kg/m3 report ASTM D4052


Properties SpécificationTest methods
Vapor pressure (37.8°C) kPamax 1380ASTM D1267 or ASTM D2598
C5 and C5 heavier, % volmax3.0ASTM D2163
Density (15°C), kg/m3 reportASTM D2598
Cooper strip corrosion ratingmaxn°1ASTM D1838
Total Sulfur, mg/kgmax140ASTM D3246
Free water content aucuneVisual inspection

0# Diesel & 5# Diesel

Properties SpécificationTest methods
Flash point, °Cmin 55ASTM D93
Water, % massmax0.05ASTM D95
50% Recovered, °Cmax300ASTM D86
90% Recovered, °Cmax355
95% Recovered, °Cmax 365
Kinematic viscosity (20 °C), mm2/s 2.2 - 8.8ASTM D445
Ash, % massmax0.01ASTM D482
Sulfur, % massmax0.2ASTM D5453
Copper strip corrosion ratingmax1ASTM D130
Cetane number, (calculate) min48 ASTM D976
Cloud point, °Cmax10ASTM D2500
10% Distillation carbon residue, % massmin0.3ASTM D4530
Density (15°C), kg/m3 reportASTM D4052
Colormax3.0 ASTM D1500