The Oil & Gas in Africa Summit and
The 14th International Oil Summit – Paris

April 2013

As an actor of the extractive industries development in Niger, Persoil has taken part in two major Oil & gas events in April 2013

Producing crude oil and exporting refined products since 2011, Niger participates actively in the African economic take-off of announced by media.

Those events allowed Persoil to meet international and local actors of this economic development supported by, among others, the numerous oil discoveries in Africa and the development of new energies.

On April 2nd in Paris: the Oil and gas in Africa conference, organized by the ADEA, Association for the Development of the Energy in Africa.

On April 4th in Paris: 14th International Oil Summit, organized by IFP, Institut Français du Pétrole, and by Petrostrategies.

ARA - African Refiners Association

March, 18-22 2013

Persoil belongs now to African Refiners Association « ARA » with a status of associate member, and has participated to the ARA-Week 2013, in Cap Town, South-Africa, on 18-22 March 2013. The conference’s theme was « Investing in infrastructure ».

Persoil has taken part in various workshops matching its core-activities interests: Storage and distribution, safety and quality, standards for oil depots and distribution, Best practices for regulation of the African downstream petroleum sector.

Partnership with SONABHY

October, 26 2012

Since May 16th 2012, Persoil is a partner with the Société Nationale Burkinabè des Hydrocarbures (SONABHY) for the storage of their petroleum products in the depots Bobo-Dioulasso and Bingo.

A contract agreement on the minimum sale of petroleum products is made on October 26, 2012 between Persoil and SONABHY. The agreement stipulates that the minimum volume sold per month will consist of 10 000 tonnes of petroleum products.

Expansion of activities in Burkina Faso causes an increase of diesel and gasoline consumption.

In order to meet these increasing needs in the country, Sonhaby reinforces its partnership, by making Persoil their main petroleum products provider.

This is achieved by developping extensively a transport corridor of refined products between Zinder refinery in Niger and Warehouses in Bobo-Dioulasso and Bingo.

The trust , here, granted by Sonhaby to Persoil is proof of seriousness and acknowledgement of our work.

Seminar for Knowledge and promotion of refined products In Niger

April 10 2012 to April 13 2012

Within the framework of the actions periodically run in the sub region, Persoil, together with Sonidep, organize a seminar for Knowledge and promotion of Niger refined products.

Held during 3 days, this seminar allows numerous actors of the sub region to have a better visibility of Niger produced hydrocarbons.

The organizations expected at this event are:

  • SONABHY (National Burkinabe Hydrocarbon company)
  • SONACOP (National trading company of petroleum products) in Benin
  • SONIHY (Niger Hydrocarbons company)
  • Ets NIANG in Mali
  • Ministry of Industry, Trade and Employment Promotion Benin
  • Ministry of Trade and Private Sector development Togo
  • Ministry of Energy and Petroleum Niger

One of the purposes of this seminar is to help answer the questions about product specification by asserting the alignment of features with standards used in the sub region and recommended by the actors of the Economic Community of West African States.

A visit of SORAZ refinery is scheduled and meant to highlight the technological quality of facilities and of operations carried out on site, especially the loading of tanker trucks.

There is also an underlying objective to this meeting, which is reinforcing existing and prospective commercial partnerships between various actors of the sub region.