For you, Persoil has developed a tool to manage their trade activities: NOMAD.

NOMAD is made available to customers who are, then, able to manage their operations thanks to a unique tool, available on line in the cloud, on mobile and via sms.

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Delivery and real time truck tracking. Stock management Petroleum stock quotes Petroleum stock quotes

NOMAD particular strengths:

  • Daily and historical monitoring of product prices and currencies in accordance with international variations.
  • Management of customers stocks (available products, gaps, current and future operations)
  • Management of customer's fleet of tanker-trucks (quantities transported, digital delivery notes, etc.)
  • Electronic management of customs clearing information (customs release documents, export bill of lading, etc.)
  • Management of estimates, orders and bills (tracking, customers approval workflow, etc.)
  • Daily scoreboards of operations tracking (localization of tanker-trucks, stocks, abnormality and non-conformity)
  • Daily scoreboards of financial tracking (billing, receivables, assets, deadlines)
  • Information directly searchable via SMS (for geographical areas that are not internet-connected)
  • Email, sms and online reports, alerts and information.

Nomad is a continually evolving and flexible solution, which makes it possible to adjust to our customers needs (tailoring of format, and billing data, customizing of tanker-trucks fleet, customized configuration of Sms and email alerts.)